Board of Management


The purpose of the Board of Management
The Board of Management is the body of persons appointed by the Patron to manage the school. The functions of the Board are set out in Section 15 of the Education Act, 1998 which provides, inter alia, that it shall be the duty of the Board to “manage the school on behalf of the Patron and for the benefit of the students and their parents and to provide or cause to be provided an appropriate education for each student at the school for which that Board has responsibility”. Section 15 also provides that a “Board shall perform the functions conferred on it and on a school by this Act”.

Membership of St. Joseph's NS  Board of Management 
The Board of Management has 8 members, made up of 2 Patron’s nominees, 2 staff members- principal and teacher, 2 parents’ representatives, and 2 members of the community. 

The current members of the Board are:

  • Frank Gearty (Chairperson)
  • Órla Egan (Principal/ Secretary)
  • Fr. James Mc Kiernan (Bishop's Representative)
  • Mary Shannon (Treasurer)
  • Marek Cureja (Parent Representative)
  • Sarah Farrell (Parent Representative)
  • Beatrice Shanley (Teacher's Representative)
  • Leo Donlon (Community Representative)